Powerfully simple file transfer

Time to say goodbye to the chaos of digital campaign workflow

Peach Go is a powerfully simple file transfer tool, designed for advertising. Crazy fast, with beautiful previews, password-protected transfers, automatic malware scans and much more coming soon – it will change how you launch your digital campaigns.

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What is Peach Go?

Designed with, and for, advertising people, Peach Go will change how you get campaigns live, making your creative workflow simple, effective and smart.

Today, Peach Go is completely free and you get:

  • Fast file transfer, supporting video, images, VAST files, PDF, HTML5, ZIP, folders… pretty much anything you want
  • Asset quality checks coming soon: check your files against the specs of DV360, The Trade Desk, CM360, YouTube, Amazon, Netflix & Disney+
  • Rich asset previews and ad specs for all video, audio, image and even HTML5 files 
  • Check safe areas on videos for different ad platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat
  • Automatic file malware and virus scans to give  peace of mind to senders and receivers 
  • Download only what you need — saving time and disk space, even if they’re in uploaded folders
  • Password protected transfers to ensure only those you want to have access, do
  • Shareable links to take you directly to individual files 
  • All built on watertight security infrastructure

Why are we building Peach Go?

Too much back and forth between everyone
Too many hops between systems
Too many insecure tools not designed for the job

Quality issues and workflow complexity lead to costly delayed campaigns, damaging efficiency and performance

Lack of a 360° view, inconsistent file naming, unclear ownership and confusion about file destinations make campaigns difficult

Too many activation failures due to file spec problems

At Peach, we want to fix this → setting the standard for the future of intelligent, secure and efficient campaign workflows.

The future of Peach Go

We’re just getting started. 

Through collaboration, AI-enhanced QC, workflow efficiencies, tight integration with ad platforms, asset visibility and watertight security features, Peach Go is being built to make your campaign workflow simple, effective and smart.

More control, less friction

No more jumps between tools — send, collaborate and track assets with your team and partners across the entire workflow, then seamlessly distribute into the programmatic and publisher ecosystem.

Boost asset confidence

Stop the back and forth with automatic creative QC, rich previews, metadata, plus AI-powered brand, platform, accessibility and compliance checks — making sure assets won’t cause any problems.

Creative and media plan in sync

Optimise your creatives for your campaign goals through AI-assisted creative and channel recommendations powered by performance data.

Creative insights

Understand your creatives using AI-powered insights on sustainability, diversity, performance and more…

Built with sustainability in mind

Helping you reach your sustainability goals, Peach Go is designed to minimise your carbon footprint. Just one example: preview videos are up to 123x smaller than source files. Read more…

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