File previews in Peach Go

Introducing a major new feature: beautiful video, audio and image previews with a rich file spec summary

26 March 2024

Beautiful news! Peach Go now gives you (beautiful) file previews with a rich file spec summary — and still, all for free. 

With most file sharing tools you need to download everything to figure later out what you actually need. In comparison, Peach Go previews make it easy to only download what you need.

What’s new?

  • Preview video, audio and image files
  • A file spec summary so you can accurately understand the file and if it is suitable for ad platforms
  • Instant file share with a direct link
  • Stop constantly uploading and downloading files — and download just what you need
  • Coming soon… HTML5 previews!

Peach Go is being built with sustainability in mind — and we are constantly figuring out ways to minimise unnecessary data processing and transmission. We’ve done a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure Peach Go is super efficient and part of this is making sure the preview files are much smaller than the originals. 

For instance, a typical social media file ranges from 8-12Mbps for HD content and 35-45Mbps for 4K content. Whilst a typical 5 second HD ad ranges from 6-68Mb in file size. Peach Go preview files are dramatically smaller — up to 123x smaller for some CTV assets and 7x for HD files. 

This huge reduction in file size ultimately means you can play a small part in decreasing demand for data centres and network infrastructure, contributing to less energy consumption and associated carbon emissions.

Check out the file-size difference between the the Peach Go preview video files in comparison with typical ad files (we excluded AVCIntra and ProRES as the file sizes would be so big:

Peach Go preview files vs H264 and XDCAM file sizes

Chart: Peach Go preview files vs H264 and XDCAM file sizes

We can’t wait for you to try it out now — for free.

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Joe Smith, 
Peach Go Product Owner


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