Track all your Deliveries

New in the Peach platform: Over the next few weeks we are launching Deliveries — a new improved way to track your ads getting delivered across all your campaigns, new navigation, plus more.

27 July 2022

Deliveries: tracked


Users who loved Tracking in Peach Classic will feel right at home. We have taken the best elements of Tracking, made the layout easier to navigate and sprinkled on some major improvements — offering users more power than ever before:

  • View, check and track deliveries from across all your campaigns
  • Fast searching
  • Hide or show the data columns you want to view
  • Powerful filtering across all your deliveries
  • Direct navigation from a delivery to its campaign
  • See as more or less on your screen by making the rows tighter or bigger

New navigation and creating a new campaign

Joining the new Deliveries page is a new navigation bar to make it easy to get to the new page and your Campaigns.

We’ve also made it clearer on the Campaigns page how to create a new campaign — just use the big yellow ‘New’ button.

Refreshed layout

Rolling out over the next few weeks are some major interface changes that are designed to make Peach easier to use and more compact. 

  • Form fields now have persistent labels
  • Improvements to dialogs making them consistent across Peach and reflecting displayed content
  • Fields have been redesigned to reduce vertical height allowing forms to display more information
  • Placeholder text has been added in form fields to help guide users

And there’s more

  • Radio ad support Sweden
  • Static ad support for Switzerland
  • Channel selection support for some customers in the Nordics

As ever we are constantly working on improvements to performance behind the scenes, and we have some exciting new features to announce coming soon. Any questions or ideas, please contact us.

Team Peach



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