Video: all the new features in Peach

Adding new users and digital destinations with the latest Peach update. Check out how you can cut through admin heavy tasks, so you can do your job better

06 May 2021

Peach has just unveiled some big juicy updates that we promise will help make your job a doddle. 

Watch James Clark, our VP of Customer Success walk you through how easy it now is it to:

  • Invite new users securely and quickly in the platform yourself. So, no more waiting for Support to do it for you.
  • Get assets direct to ad platforms like Google Campaign Manager and YouTube. Peach can now automatically upload your video ads straight to the right accounts and libraries. Simple.
  • Manage meta-data and supporting assets directly in Peach. Things like title, description, tags plus images and other files can all be stored together in a campaign - do the job in one go as opposed to having to finish up a little bit later.


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By James Clark