The unskippable Ad (Un)break

We launched a new market-leading global digital video ad platform with a dedicated panel series and product demo for first live online event. 

19 May 2021

To unveil the launch of its new truly convergent global video ad management platform, which offers linear TV and digital video distribution in one place, Peach hosted our first online live event in May to show exactly how we're planning to unbreak advertising. We also tapped into key industry leaders who debated the challenges of today’s workflow and what solutions are needed to address a rapidly evolving advertising landscape. 

Watch the event now 👇:


Operating across over 100 countries worldwide, Peach technology is revolutionising advertising industry workflows, replacing laborious manual tasks with automated processes, and offering efficiency, visibility and security.

Offering an end-to-end, collaborative platform for sourcing and distributing content, Peach simplifies video ad distribution across digital channels. It allows assets to be tracked, quality assured and guarantees all ads arrive at their destinations in perfect condition.

Discussing the importance of this new launch, Ben Regensburger, CEO at Peach, says: “Since its launch in 1996, Peach has been shaking up the way advertising content is managed and helps power the world’s most ambitious creative. We’re proud to unveil our new and improved platform that delivers collaboration, quality, visibility and increased efficiency. Peach is simplifying digital ad distribution which our research shows could save agencies and media owners around half a day each week,” said Ben Regensburger, CEO at Peach. 

“When Peach was founded, physical tapes were delivered on bikes and now we’re empowering the convergence of managing linear TV and digital video coming together. We will continue innovating, investing and evolving in our ad platform to ensure simple, fast and accurate convergent video delivery. Always supporting the wider creative and ad industry to deliver its best work.” 

Shelby Akosa, VP Global Growth in Creative & Production at Peach, comments: “We believe that Peach’s new features will solve some of the key challenges in adland, making it much more efficient, faster and more transparent. We’re focusing on delivering collaboration, quality, visibility and efficiency, helping to simplify ad distribution for video across digital and linear. 

For example, generating an estimated time of arrival provides certainty and transparency; supporting a wide variety of different aspect ratios, makes it easier for media agencies to get the files in the required format by simply uploading one master asset. The new collaboration feature makes sharing assets with multiple users easier, avoiding errors. And this is just a part of this great new functionality available from Peach.”

Kiran Earwaker, Senior Product Manager Platform at Peach, adds: “The new and refreshed platform automates, simplifies and speeds up the process of managing and distributing digital assets. Among some of the new features is improved quality control and support, saving users and advertisers hours of time and making sure late campaigns are a thing of the past. The system also has built-in international and platform specific requirements, making it easier to deal with international campaigns, in addition to the improved digital workflow feature that saves some more of advertisers and broadcasters’ precious time. And that is just a fraction of what Peach’s new and improved platform has to offer.”

Designed for broadcasters, digital, social and TV, Peach makes it easy to work across the entire ecosystem from creative agencies, media agencies, production and advertisers to broadcasters and media owners.

The new update will allow Peach to streamline complex digital ad workflows and power the creative industry through:

  • Fast, accurate, broadcast-grade quality control and feedback which is always available
  • The ability to instantly create files in the right format for online, social, TV, VoD, DSPs, ad servers and more
  • Supplying expert 24/7 support from specialists around the world

Peach also improves speed to market and guarantees the best quality through: 

  • Ensuring that files are securely available to approved users – so businesses no longer have to rely on unsecured links 
  • Single sources are available around the clock / every day of the year – to save time and reduce manual errors
  • Distributing directly into social channels and ad servers speeding up campaign activation
  • Quality control available for every file to ensure zero rejections from media owners and tech platforms
  • Continuing to deliver the highest quality file types to media owners and ad servers

Peach is now available worldwide. Try Peach today to see how we can help you.

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