Peach Unveils Peach Go: Transforming Digital Campaign Activation

Press release: A revolutionary new file transfer tool built for the AI age

06 February 2024

[London, 6/2/24] — Peach is delighted to announce the launch of Peach Go, a new kind of file transfer tool specifically built for the advertising industry and leveraging the latest in AI technology. Designed to address longstanding challenges in digital campaign activation, Peach Go promises to redefine workflows, enhance security and significantly improve overall efficiency.

Peach Go is built in response to industry feedback highlighting prevalent issues such as delayed campaigns, a lack of comprehensive asset visibility, and the struggle to find suitable file specifications. Recognizing the inadequacy of conventional tools like email and generic file transfer systems, Peach Go prioritises security, speed and user experience. Key features include fast file transfers, automatic malware scans, efficient file management, password-protected transfers, and user experience designed for the advertising industry. The tool is completely free to start using, and users can create accounts for larger file sends, longer file expiry times and simpler sending of files.

Peach Go has been built with AI in mind — enabling near real time insights into creative effectiveness, branding, diversity and sustainability, and making creative workflows smarter and simpler. Beyond this, the platform will offer seamless integration into ad platforms, asset visibility and robust security features. As part of the broader Peach Suite, Peach Go complements existing tools like Peach Connect and Cape, providing a flexible solution for highly flexible digital workflows.

“With Peach Go our goal is to reinvent digital campaign activation. The status quo of the last 20 years has treated creative as an afterthought — assets are being poorly managed through email and other tools not made for the job. We want to fix this — and set the standard for the future of intelligent, secure and efficient creative workflows,” said Doug Conely, Chief Product & Technology Officer at Peach.

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About Peach

Since 1996, Peach has been shaking up the way advertising is distributed and powering the world’s most ambitious creative. Operating across over 100 countries worldwide, Peach is a leading innovator in advertising technology, providing cutting-edge solutions that streamline workflows in the dynamic advertising landscape. The Peach Creative Workflow Suite of tools, including Peach Connect, Cape, Caria, Advalidation and Peach Go, caters to diverse advertising needs, helping brands, agencies and media owners manage the world’s advertising content and making it easy for them to collaborate with each other on a global scale.

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