New! Check safe areas now in Peach Go

Giving you more space for creativity

02 May 2024

New in Peach Go, you can now test video ads against safe areas for various digital platforms —  from TikTok to YouTube, we’ve got you covered. 

What are safe areas? Also known as safe zones, safety cages or title safe areas, they refer to the area that houses content on screen so it is far enough from the edge that text or graphics show neatly, without the ad platform’s user interface covering anything.

Currently, we support the following ad platform safe areas:

  • YouTube
  • Instagram / Facebook
  • Instagram / Facebook Stories
  • Instagram / Reels
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat

This is how safe areas help make your workflow smoother… 

  • Safe areas provide visual guidance, ensuring that users can see how their ad content will appear on various platforms.
  • Avoiding clogging up your downloads with yet another file and ultimately giving you peace-of-mind that the creative is right for ad platforms

This feature is exclusively available to users who are signed up to a free Peach Go account. When logged in, you will get access to all of the functionality that we currently offer, plus safe area checking, and other great bonuses like increased transfers to 5GB and file expiry times extended to 30 days. 

Sign up now and try it out for yourself… 


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