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The universal buying portal for the UK and Irish ad industry, Caria connects the linear, BVoD and addressable TV ecosystem from media agencies to broadcasters, ad agencies to advertisers.

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Streamlined BVoD, addressable TV and cinema bookings

By centralising campaign management processes in a single platform, time and costs are saved for all.  Agencies save time managing bookings and creative workflows. Media owners save time fulfilling campaign requests through a streamlined process.

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Agencies and media owners work from the same media plans

Both agencies and media owners can relax, knowing that their bookings are received with the shared and correct instructions — helping avoid confusion and errors.

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Automate workflows across systems

With flexible integrations with platforms like MediaOcean, Adalyser, Techedge and Landmark — Caria fits into the ad workflow - streamlining media buying and helping to avoid errors.

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Ad performance data

Agencies and media owners get peace-of-mind from knowing that bookings and copy instructions have been accurately delivered and can rely on our comprehensive airtime data which is integrated with reporting systems.

Connecting up the UK and Irish ad ecosystem

Working in partnerships with media owners, Caria works across the ad world, streamlining campaign management.

  • Sky
  • ITV
  • Channel 4
  • RTE
  • Virgin Media
  • DCM

What our users say about Caria

A single portal for agencies and media owners

For agencies

Unified portal for booking Converged TV

  • Easily manage TV, BVoD and Cinema booking and administration through a single portal
  • Seamlessly access the media owner ad market
  • Prioritise production workflows

Streamlined version control with data auditing

  • Manage booking TV spots efficiently
  • Effortlessly conduct data audits 
  • Simple communication with sales = less time spent on admin

Centralised automation

  • Integrations with creative workflows and booking and finance systems APIs which offer data ingestion and extraction

Comprehensive spend reporting and spot schedule tracking:

  • Generate spend reports and track return path campaign data
  • Support agency deal-tracking and campaign management processes

Agency integrations

  • Campaign management and reporting integrations
  • Enables significant time and cost savings

For media owners

Unified portal for managing Converged TV bookings

  • A single portal to manage TV and BVoD bookings 
  • Standardised industry format and workflow with Caria  ID
  • Access to the media agency market

Automation based on agency data

  • Save time with efficient centralised automation
  • Simplify workflow when reporting data to agencies and advertisers

Booking process control

  • Manage booking process and its evolutions
  • Align agencies with media owner guidelines for a streamlined approach

Manages integrations

  • Integrate trade, schedule and creative delivery data with your sell-side tools
  • Gain significant time and cost savings

Caria by the numbers


Years streamlining campaigns



Of booking value transacted per year

1 billion+

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