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Superhero digital advertising: scale creatives at speed, power your media buying and collaborate in one A-Z environment.

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  • Vodafone Ziggo
  • KLM
  • Basic-Fit
  • Duvel
  • Migros
  • ING
  • Just Eat Takeaway

Create illustration


Accelerate the creative production process with dynamic templates and AI solutions that ensure compliance with your brand guide.

  • Create all your campaigns from social to email and DOOH in one environment
  • Enable templates for creative versioning by building them in-tool or importing projects from Adobe
  • Enable non-designers to create marketing assets

Collaborate illustration


Optimise campaign management in one central hub with custom workflows that match your company.

  • In-tool communication with review and approval points
  • Flexible authorisation levels and alert management
  • Personal dashboard with all your upcoming campaigns and actions to be taken

Publish illustration


Centralise your campaign management for all digital channels so you can publish both your ads and your bid strategies to any advertising stack in one go.

  • Manage all your campaigns from one environment
  • Make publishing less error-prone by automating
  • Slash time spent on campaign activation and ad ops processes

How global brands use Cape

Discover how companies use Cape to realise their digital growth aspirations and exceed customer expectations.

Just Eat Takeaway


of repetitive tasks have been automated globally



saved every year



campaigns per year managed on Cape

Dynamic advertising

Connect campaigns with real-time data

Transform your campaigns with live feeds. Increase your agility and easily create campaigns that are weather or location-based without touching a button.

  • Effortlessly steer on-brand content on autopilot, ensuring consistent branding in your campaigns
  • Enrich your data for relevant, personalised and better-performing campaigns
  • Make your advertising dynamic based on products, location or contextual data

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Campaign management

Your digital campaign process in one place

Get rid of slow, expensive and inefficient processes. Improve your workflow with less context-switching, faster cycle times, and fewer errors.

  • Accelerate your time to market, gaining a competitive edge through efficient campaign execution
  • Ensure a personalised approach to your campaigns, with tailor-made solutions for any use case
  • Make your campaigns resonate with all your audiences across markets, with advanced localisation options
  • Seamlessly integrate with other tools and platforms through direct API-based connections

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Asset management

With growing content, there is a need for digital space

Make searching, organising and analysing assets easier with smart digital asset management.

  • Manage your marketing assets with a user-friendly approach that redefines efficiency
  • Transform asset organisation and locate your valuable resources with ease
  • Add expiration dates to your content so you always use up-to-date assets
  • Assemble teams with custom authorisation profiles based on user roles, markets, and brands

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Measure your multichannel campaigns with high-level reporting

Easily provide real-time insights in campaign performance, based on metrics like view rates and click-through rates.

  • Receive real-time insights in campaign performance
  • Manage the real-time campaign data effortlessly on market and user level
  • Compare campaigns, ad groups and ads from different ad platforms in one dashboard

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Artificial intelligence

Enrich your campaigns with next-level AI integrations

Level-up your campaign process and ad creation with a whole set of powerful creative AI features.

  • Unleash the potential of AI with image, text, and audio generation
  • Streamline your labelling tasks through the power of AI image recognition
  • Analyse video and dynamic image ads, and get valuable insights for your campaigns
  • Automatically generate ad variants, and explore multiple creative directions

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