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A new type of file transfer tool, built for advertising in the age of AI

07 February 2024

We are excited to launch Peach Go, a new product from Peach that’s designed to change the way you get digital campaigns live. 

Peach Go is a new way to think about file transfer, making it faster, smarter and much more effective. The status quo of the last 20 years has often treated creative as an afterthought — digital assets are being poorly managed through email and other tools not made for the job. At Peach we want to fix this and set the standard for the future of intelligent, secure and efficient creative workflows.

Lock illustrationWhat’s the problem?

Over many years, we’ve been talking to people in the advertising world and it is wild that still in 2024 getting digital and CTV campaigns live is regularly a chaotic process: too much back and forth between everyone, too many hops between systems, insecure tools and ones that are not designed for the job. These are just some of the things we hear:

  • Delayed campaigns due to quality issues and workflow complexity — leading to lost revenue to advertisers ultimately to poorly optimised media spend and failures to reach customers
  • There is rarely a 360° view on how and where assets are used, making it difficult to optimise and understand effectiveness 
  • Finding the right file specs remains way too hard

We see a lot of these issues start with the use of tools like email, file transfer systems like WeTransfer or Dropbox, or even messaging tools like WhatsApp (seriously people, please don’t use WhatsApp for sending advertising assets). None of these are designed for how advertising gets made — across media, advertisers, creative and production. 

We have been talking to a number of early beta users of Peach Go — and they have numerous problems with these tools. Whether it is the lack of security, the lack of visibility or just the poor fit and UX into the ad workflow — we believe Peach Go can solve these problems and much more.

Peach Go screenshots


What is Peach Go? (And why do we need a better file transfer tool?)

Today, Peach Go offers the following: 

  • Fast file transfer, supporting video, images, VAST files, PDF, HTML5, ZIP, folders… pretty much anything you want
  • Automatic file malware and virus scans to give senders and receivers confidence
  • Pick which files to download saving you time and disk space, even if they’re in uploaded folders
  • Password protected transfers
  • Set up an account so you can send files faster, get access to previous files, with more benefits coming soon
  • All built on watertight security infrastructure
  • Coming very soon: access to rich asset metadata and previews 

What’s more, Peach Go is completely free to start using. This is important, because it helps when the tools are super easy to get started with for everyone involved. Sharing some files? No problem — no onboarding required for yourself or anyone you’re working with.

You can also register to:

  • Increase transfers from 2GB up to 5GB
  • Increase file expiry times from 14 to 30 days
  • Skip email verification every time you send files
  • More coming soon

But this is just the beginning… 

The future of Peach Go

Files moving around like crazy

Peach Go has been built from the start with AI in mind, helping you make your creative more effective and the workflow simpler and smarter. 

We are looking at capabilities that would be almost impossible without the latest in recent AI innovations. Scale and speed are important for fast moving digital campaigns. AI makes it possible to bring near real time insights into effectiveness, branding, diversity and sustainability issues that would previously require painstaking manual work. 

The way we approach quality control at scale for digital assets can also be reimagined — offering creative and channel recommendations — not only making sure an ad passes technical specifications. 

Beyond AI, we are considering ways for users to tightly integrate into ad platforms, offer users asset visibility and create watertight security features for advertisers and publishers.

If you’re involved with digital workflows and would like to influence the future of Peach Go, we’d love to hear from you: contact us or start sending files now.

How will Peach Go work with the rest of the Peach Suite?

At Peach, we have been working with the advertising world for years, building tools like Peach Connect, Cape, Advalidation and Caria that massively improve the speed and efficiency of advertising workflows in areas such as TV and creative versioning. Peach Go will complement these tools.

For example, Peach Connect is built for ad delivery to more than 18,000 broadcasters and digital platforms and is optimised for the highly structured data, collaboration and workflows required for much of Converged TV (linear and BVOD) and our global enterprise customers. On the other hand, Cape is built for teams who need an efficient and highly integrated ad versioning, publishing and collaboration tool. 

But not all advertising work looks like this — many digital campaigns need to be highly flexible with different platforms, teams and tools. Peach Go is built to enhance these highly flexible workflows — making them faster, more effective, with better collaboration and much smarter. 

Ready to try Peach Go?

Start sending assets with Peach Go now, for free. 

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— Doug Conely and the Peach Go Team

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