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Peach for advertisers

It’s your campaign: stay in control

If missing assets, confusing spreadsheets, costly delays and email ping pong are part of your day-to-day, we have some seriously good news for you. 

Peach connects your teams, streamlines processes, ensures quality and keeps you in the loop throughout. So choose Peach and you’ll cut the faff, save time, and stay in control.

Move your agencies onto Peach today.

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Get your creative in line (and online)

Automating processes

Activation on time, every time

Peach streamlines processes for your creative and media agency partners, and makes delivery to media owners frictionless, so lead times are reduced and your campaigns always launch on schedule.

Audit trail

Unparalleled transparency

When all your agencies are working on the Peach platform, you know who has what, where your assets are and if there are any gaps. No need to chase by email or phone.

Screenshot: Campaign file view, showing returned URL

Insights & reporting

Understand ROI

Gain valuable data to understand your creative ad spend. Which countries and platforms are your ads playing out on? Are the durations and aspect ratios you’re sending correct for each platform? Understand ROI plus much more.

Reach media around the world

Global scale

With Peach’s global team of experts, there’s always someone local on hand to make your campaigns come to life, wherever they’re heading.

Quality checking process

Quality control ads

Be brand beautiful

You need to know that your ad will be shown in perfect quality on every platform. Peach automatically transcodes and quality checks all content so you can rest easy.

Don’t settle for a process that “kind of works” — use Peach

The world has changed since media plans were 75% television. With the rise of digital video, distribution and activation across platforms has become more complicated. And until now, workflows haven’t evolved to meet the new challenges.

Recent independent research reveals that to stay competitive, agencies need to be able to handle asset management at scale across a rapidly evolving, multi-platform, multi-format landscape.

That’s why it makes sense to switch to Peach.

have problems sourcing assets

Everything takes too long and campaigns run late

still use email to receive video assets

No transparency or audit trail

manually check video assets

Risk of poor quality ads

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Built for advertising

The platform that ensures industry standards for broadcast, now live for digital and social.

Live status of assets 

You’ve invested a lot to create video assets. Get the auditable supply chain you deserve, with  visibility into the supply chain, approvals and more.


 Is your creative working? Get valuable data to understand the effectiveness of your ads and make sense of your analytics.

Transcoding and quality checking

With our proprietary transcoding and quality checks, your assets will look great on any screen, in any format. No more holding digital to lesser standards.

Aspect ratio support

From TV to DOOH, Twitter to Google Campaign Manager in aspect ratios including 1:1, 2:3, 16:9, 9:16 and 4:5.

Designed & built for security

Trusted by brands around the world to look after complex workflows and important assets.

Distribute to platforms

Make ads available to agencies, media owners, social, publishers, broadcasters… anywhere. 

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Reduce the time it takes for your partners across Adland to do their work: costs will go down as the chaos subsides.

24/7 chat, email and phone support

International support around the clock from our advertising experts.

Trusted everywhere by the industry’s leading names

  • Coca Cola
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Unilever
  • L’Oreal
  • Shiseido

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