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Right files. Right format. Right where you need them.

Peach for media agencies

Cut the faff. Source and activate the right ads every time with effortless collaboration, flawless files and speedy activation.


Get your control freak on

Quickly source the right video assets for every campaign

  • Activate campaigns fast: with your teams, brands, creative, and digital platforms in one place, Peach streamlines your workflows and saves hours of work
  • Stop ad failures: digital videos ads fail routinely — Peach improves your campaign accuracy
  • Deliver on ambition: no matter how complex the media plan, Peach makes it easy to reach platforms and publishers around the world
  • Be brand beautiful: Peach automatically checks audio and video to ensure flawless ads on every screen
  • Do what you do best: Peach handles the boring stuff so your team can focus on what really matters
  • Get total visibility: Peach offers valuable data and insight, and a real time view of campaigns’ progress


Features media agencies love

Peach puts you in control of your video asset workflow: source, collaborate, format, deliver, and track from a single, easy-to-use platform

Get the ads you need

Specify the video assets needed by name, duration, aspect ratio and platform to ensure that what is uploaded is exactly what you need.


Need to work with creative teams, production, planners or ad ops? Reduce communication chaos and manage it all in Peach.

Source & download

Download video assets, all named and organised by platform — ready to upload to ad platforms and publishers.

Know where your assets are

Brands pay a lot to create video assets. Give them the auditable supply chain they deserve.

We manage the specs so you don’t have to

No more hunt the specs. We maintain a database of media owner and platform video file specs for you — so say goodbye to content rejections.

Direct to media owners and more

Make ads directly available to agencies, media owners, publishers, broadcasters and automatically upload to your self-service platforms. 

Auto QC

Make sure videos look and sound perfect wherever they’re shown with our real time technical video quality checks. Production teams get feedback when they’re still at the edit suite. No waiting around. No back and forth.

Coming soon!
Automatic upload

Just push your assets directly to a library or account on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or other account. Many more integrations to follow.

Track the live status of assets

1:1, 9:16, 2:3, 4:5, 16:9 aspect ratio support

Designed & built for security

24/7 chat, email and phone support


Peach makes sourcing simple

Find the right files the first time - every time

Bid farewell to hunting through endless emails and spreadsheets, digging out old WeTransfer links, and repurposing assets in the wrong aspect ratios.

The old way 😔
Error prone
Hard to manage

The Peach way ☺️
Eliminates errors


Why switch to Peach?

Sales opportunities are lost, products go unsold and campaigns start late — all because a staggering 41% of all video ads fail in a variety of ways.

To help understand why, we asked media agencies how they managed their video assets. Spoiler: it’s like 1995 out there.

Download our report on the state of digital video asset workflows.

have problems sourcing assets

Everything is taking too long, and campaigns start late


still use email to receive video assets

Costly, slow and insecure


have to manually check video assets

Wasting time and adding cost


Digital video ad spend is increasing and campaign management is becoming ever more complex. Yet the industry still relies on outdated and inefficient technology.

Our research reveals the emerging challenges in digital advertising, and presents the solutions media agencies need to futureproof effective ad deliveries across tomorrow’s complex media landscape.

Download now to read our report on the state of digital video asset workflows.

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