Bauer Media working with Advalidation

Making sure all ads are 100% quality controlled and protected from campaign issues.

24 January 2024

Advalidation, part of the Peach Creative Workflow Suite that works to elevate digital Ad quality, is delighted to announce its collaboration with Bauer Media, one of the world’s most successful media companies, as the comprehensive quality control solution for all Bauer Media digital creative assets.

Ad quality has risen in importance as consumers expect the best possible experience and advertisers want to make sure their Ads are the highest quality in order to drive performance. Publishers rely on Advalidation as the foundation for their quality control and as a safety net protecting them from campaign issues, delays and, most importantly, revenue loss. 

Using Advalidation, Bauer Media will automate all QC processes allowing their activation teams to accurately know that all of their ads are 100% compliant (e.g. quality, size, volumes, vendors, blocking) and deliver a high-quality experience. 

“Advalidation is becoming widely embraced across the publisher ecosystem", said Christian Jones, Head of International Sales at Advalidation. “Built by Ad Ops, for Ad Ops, our aim is to streamline further and automate the QC delivery processes - by leveraging our capabilities, Bauer Media is furthering this vision and making the industry work better for everyone.”

"This collaboration cements Bauer Media's commitment to a universal QC process", said Lauren Howe, Head of Digital Operations, Bauer Media. "We look forward to working with Advalidation to ensure Ad campaigns deliver on time, against their KPIs, whilst providing the team with a more automated and efficient process.

This collaboration marks a significant development in Ad Operations, and we eagerly await the transformation that Advalidation will bring to Bauer Media’s digital workflows.

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