Take the guesswork out of Creative QC

Automatically test and monitor display, video, audio ads with total accuracy and confidence, in under 60 seconds.


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Meet specs & ensure compliance

Instantly analyse multiple ads to ensure you’re meeting all spec and compliance requirements with complete confidence.

Streamline QA & boost efficiency

Integrate a consistent, reliable system for testing ads that saves time and doesn’t rely on guesswork or ‘eyeballing’ creative.

Launch on time & avoid lost revenue

Eliminate delays, lost revenue, and improve campaigns to provide ads that guarantee an optimal user experience.

Optimise campaigns

Take your campaigns to the next level

Load times, file size, incorrect audio levels all impact ad experience. Fix or set expectations by letting Advalidation identify problems before launch.

Improve load time

Analyse load times, file requests, initial and subsequent file load times, checks to make sure that ads don't slow pages down, use excessive bandwidth, or cause other issues on your website or app.

Use less energy

Get a sustainability benefit by making ads less energy-intensive and reducing their emissions.

Test (audio) volume

Unexpected increases in audio volume between content and commercials can be jarring and annoying for users. Our tests allow you to set audio volume standards according to your needs.

Reliable quality

QC you can rely on

Ensure you meet all specification and compliance requirements for video and display ads with complete confidence.

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Reliable QC

Create a consistent, watertight system to test your ads that saves time and doesn’t rely on guesswork.

Tailored to you

With customisable test variables to assess in QC, you can easily adjust for 40+ areas to test compliance and functionality in audio, video and display ads.


Be ad confident 

Everything you need to test display and video ad campaigns with complete confidence.

Continuous monitoring

Mid-campaign testing allows you to ensure ads remain compliant and high-quality.

Change updates

Our clear design makes it easy to identify the aspects of your creative that didn’t pass QC.

Seamless collaboration made easy

Share reports easily with stakeholders to help avoid campaign delays.


Ensure your campaign isn’t slowed down by ensuring compliance. With 40+ features, here are some highlights.

Multi-ad upload

Instantly analyse multiple ads through our bulk upload feature (supports multiple Excel sheets, VAST tags, images, video and ZIP files): no more copy-and-pasting of individual tags.

Bonus: Send files for QC by simply emailing them to Advalidation and we’ll sort the rest.

Pick your cookies

Rather than approving the same vendors over and over again, create a list of accepted ones  who meet your requirements.

Monitor live campaigns

Get proactive and monitor in-flight campaigns. Receive alerts for creative swaps, added tracking pixels, load time changes and other issues. 

Track the timeline of creative changes and get notifications to remind you of issues until they are fixed or approved.

Avoid data leaks

Safeguard assets against reputational risk: ensure privacy and compliance for digital ads. We alert you to any potential sources of data-leakage or privacy violations and surface third party vendors, unapproved pixels and trackers.

Video icon

20+ tests for video

Complete video ad-quality control: With 20+ video tests, instantly see audio volume, bitrates, resolution, privacy issues and more. Eliminate delays, lost revenue, and “make good” campaigns while providing an optimal user experience.

Third party file-size

During testing, Advalidation simulates a slow page load to determine if tags are reducing  the upload speed of large assets until the page and its content have finished loading.

Ensure performant ads

Advalidation analyses load times, the number of file requests, initial load, sub load, and much more to make sure that ads don't slow pages down, use excessive bandwidth, or cause other issues on your web site or app.

Privacy compliant

Advalidation highlights cookies and pixels fired by third-parties, exposing potential sources of data-leakage and privacy violations. Overlay your own list of trusted vendors (or use ours), to stop anyone from accessing your data.

Test loading time

Load times impact viewability. Let Advalidation identify ads that risk poor viewability before campaign launch so they can be improved and  expectations managed.

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20+ tests for display ads

No more guessing. No more delays. Just complete confidence and total peace of mind for you, your team, and your clients. Effortless testing of each display ad - before launch and during the campaign lifecycle.

Customise your settings

Advalidation can be set up to check for compliance with IAB, Hulu, YouTube, or your custom and industry standard video ad specification.

Full VAST testing

Using VAST tags Advalidation will automatically download and test all media-files for compliance with your ad specification.


Make sure video assets meet your specific requirements. Advalidation downloads all media-files running on a VAST-tag and compares their properties with your specification.

Audio volume

Avoid sudden jarring increases in audio volume between content and commercials by using our Audio Average Volume test to set custom volume standards.

Ready to take the guesswork out of creative QC?

Test multiple ads with 100% accuracy and confidence, in under 60 seconds. See Advalidation in action by scheduling a free demo today.

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