Publishers and broadcasters: get peace of mind with political advertising

With multiple global powerhouses hosting elections this year, be on the winning side with the political campaigns you run in this campaign cycle.

10 April 2024

An opportunity for broadcasters and publishers

The UK, US, Brazil and India are just some of the countries set to hold elections this year. These nations, home to more than half the world's population, will see over four billion citizens heading to the polls. 

According to GroupM (Guardian, 2024), a record $15.9bn will be spent on political advertising in the US alone in 2024, up more than 30% on the 2019-2020 election cycle. The US political ad market has become so big that, next year, it’s expected to become the 10th largest in the world, surpassing all of Australia.

Specific ad quality challenges for political campaigns

While political advertising can be lucrative, we know from our customers that it has some specific challenges. 

Like all ads, political ads need to follow the usual guidelines and specifications of broadcasters and publishers. However, they have the potential to include false, inflammatory or inappropriate messaging, which makes reviewing and determining what is ultimately being served to users even more important. 

How can Advalidation help?

Advalidation helps with the initial approval process by generating a comprehensive report of any issues of the ad itself including; file quality, size, audio volume, tracking vendors etc, while making it simple to preview a large number of ads for an “eyes on glass” approval process.

What is perhaps even more important is that Advalidation can continue to  test  ads for any changes that may be made throughout the duration of the campaign. So, if an advertiser or agency adds a new creative to the rotation, a new tracking pixel or makes any other substantial changes to the ad, publishers and broadcasters are alerted and can take action to ensure the campaign remains compliant. 

Alerts are displayed in the Advalidation application (shown below) and users also receive them via email. 

Get in touch with us to learn how some of the largest publishers and broadcasters in the world deal with the challenges and opportunities that political ads pose. We can demo the platform, so you can see how others do it, learn from our experience with others and see how it works in action. 

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