Feature spotlight: monitoring in Advalidation

With 14% of ads getting changed mid-campaign, make sure you can keep your ads compliant

16 January 2024

Recent Advalidation data from some of the world's leading publishers and broadcasters, shows that 14% of ads get changed mid-campaign. This is a huge amount and has the potential to cause substantial negative impact. 

Advalidation helps broadcasters and publishers run ads with confidence, including 6 out of the global top 20 (as measured by Comscore*). 

The platform’s campaign monitoring feature checks to see if creatives have been updated or changed as it runs. Instead of discovering an issue at the end of a campaign, Advalidation alerts you if the creative is changed so you can take action immediately and remain compliant.

Some of the issues detected are:

  • Creative swapped to a non-approved creative
  • Changed landing page
  • Non-compliant tracking pixels added
  • Monitoring tags changed to blocking tags
  • Duration of video changed
  • And much more…

Issues like these lead to a poor user experience and potential reporting discrepancies. Without this rigorous campaign testing, you risk losing revenue as you try to “make good” on errors that could have been avoided or dealt with quickly.

Our analysis of usage reveals that a substantial 14% of actively monitored campaigns have undergone at least one alteration, this is often due to the detection of a new creative being added after the initial test. So, although the publisher or broadcaster initially approved one creative version, it has later been swapped to a new, unapproved one.

But why is this cause for concern?

These changes stop broadcasters and publishers from having the full picture on the campaigns that are being run. To safeguard both the broadcaster and advertiser's reputation, it is essential that ads are compliant, clear, and well-formatted. 

Nowhere is this more important than when dealing with sensitive ads, especially those subject to specific regulations. Pharmaceutical ads, content targeting children, as well as political and religious content in particular, cannot accommodate new trackers, or creative swaps midway through a campaign, creating a need for compliance reviews for any updated or changed creative. 

Another area of concern is the need to deliver on advertisers’ KPIs. A creative that was initially lightweight and delivering on viewability might be changed to something heavier with lower viewability. With the monitoring feature this is highlighted so that discrepancies can be avoided. 

Already an Advalidation user? 

Every month, Advalidation performs over 500,000 scans of ads. Simply by uploading ad assets, the platform checks for issues against ad specifications, including those of the IAB and many others. 

In just 60 seconds it offers accurate QC results, big efficiencies and confidence for Ad Ops teams, thanks to its superior features like monitoring. 

Find out more information about setting-up the monitoring feature which will give you peace-of-mind that creative is secure, compliant and correctly formatted throughout the campaign lifecycle. 

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