Media in 2020: 8 questions for 7 leaders

We asked 7 Media leaders 8 questions to find out where they’re at in 2020. What are their challenges? What’s great? And what are they excited about? 

12 March 2020

Wayne Blodwell (Founder, The Programmatic Advisory), Natalie Burton (Head of Investment Operations, PHD), Bobi Carley (Head of Media, ISBA), Mark Giblin (Head of Demand, Telaria), Paul Gubbins (Programmatic Lead, Unruly), Joseph Harake (Digital Director, OMD) and Anthony Mcgregor Clarke (Senior Integrated Producer, Oliver) spoke to Peach about where they’re at in 2020. What are they optimistic about? What keeps them awake at night?

1: What's the biggest obstacle to taking creativity to the next level?


“There's a lot of change needed in order to ensure that we’re getting the right ad in the right place in the right formats”
– Bobi Carley, Head of Media, ISBA

2: How important is the video itself in overall campaign success?


“There is going to be a massive explosion of advertising budgets transitioning from linear television to connected devices in OTT environments so 2020 is going to be a transformational year when it comes to video and TV advertising.”
– Paul Gubbins, Programmatic Lead, Unruly

3: What is holding back today’s digital video ecosystem?


“Different specifications, different platforms, different ways of working. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to bring those things together.”
– Natalie Burton, Head of Investment Operations, PHD

4: What are the challenges of working with other stakeholders?


“For all of this to work effectively everyone has to do their job quickly effectively and with little or no errors… and this rarely happens.”
– Anthony Mcgregor Clarke, Senior Integrated Producer, Oliver

5: Life after cookies -  what do you see as the future of audience data to inform creative?


“Making sure again that we're delivering the right message to the right user at the right time based on information they've consented for us to use.”
– Joseph Harake, Digital Director, OMD

6: How easy is it to deliver a multi channel, cross territory campaign?


“As the number of platforms exploded — the way people work has changed — it’s got even more complicated than ever before. So anything that can help and ease that pain will be highly wanted in the industry.”
– Bobi Carley, Head of Media, ISBA

7: If you could fix one thing for your clients what would it be?


“Getting my clients to think a little bit more around process and automation for what they do.”
– Wayne Blodwell, Founder, The Programmatic Advisory

8: What excites you about 2020?


“There is going to be a huge amount of positive disruption. The landscape around us is changing. We’re almost pressing the reset button in 2020 from the way we’ve done things over the last 10 years.”
– Paul Gubbins, Programmatic Lead, Unruly

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By Jason Trout