Video: Deliveries tour

How to use the new Deliveries page with James Clark, VP of Customer Success

08 September 2022

James Clark, our VP of Customer Success, gives you a 1 minute demo on the new Deliveries page


Users who know Tracking in Peach Classic will feel right at home. We have made the layout easier to navigate and added major improvements — offering users more power than ever before:

  • View all of your deliveries across all your ads and campaigns
  • Fast search across all the data when you need to view a specific ad, advertiser, destination… anything
  • Data organisation: hide, show or move the data you want to see
  • Powerful filtering enabling complex views such as specific advertiser deliveries in a region across any period of time
  • Navigate direct to the campaign from the delivery
  • Download data of your full or filtered in CSV format 
  • Control row height and see as more or less on your screen
  • Modern layout making viewing the data simple and clear

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By James Clark