Peach’s how-to guide to delivering CTV and linear ads in the UK & Ireland

10 steps to get your ad on TV

11 April 2024

Need to send CTV and linear ads in the UK and Republic of Ireland (ROI)? Peach has got your back with our step-by-step guide.

When working on an ad campaign and fulfilling a media plan for the UK & Ireland, there are a number of things you need to consider and processes that you need to stick to.

1. Timings 

To run ads on TV you will need to set yourself up with clearances bodies and CARIA well in advance of airtime. Give yourself a minimum of 5 weeks to ensure you don’t miss airtime.

2. Clearance

Media plans that include activity for the UK and ROI, require that you manage the clearance through the appropriate mandatory bodies.

  • UK ads are approved by Clearcast 
  • ROI ads are cleared according to the channels they are transmitting on RTE and/or Virgin and Clearcast if UK channels are airing in Ireland.

3. Advertising Codes

Your ads will need to follow the UK Advertising Codes, rules for advertisers, agencies and media owners (determined by the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP)). Read more…

The ROI Codes are enforced and published by Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland. Read more…

4. Delivering ads

Broadcasters require that CTV and linear ad delivery is processed via an approved partner, like Peach.
Set up an account by registering with us. Once set up, it’s easy to place an order on Peach Connect — check out this video for more.

5. Format requirements

Peach Connect is designed to make your life easier, so you can upload just one XDCAM file, using Peach UK/ROI specs, and we will sort out all the necessary transcodes and layout requirements for broadcasters.

Your ad will need to include a ‘slate’ — (a section showing information at the beginning of the ad). Get more information on how to create a slate…

If you require the upload to be AVC Intra or ProRes, let us know and we can make the adjustment.

6. Clock number IDs 

Each ad must have a unique ID which, in the UK, is called a Clock Number. For more information on how the ID is generated and the naming convention we have created this helpful page on clock numbers.

For Ireland, we suggest that ads are cleared by Clearcast for UK owned channels (even if you are only airing in ROI), and RTE & VMS in Ireland.

We guarantee that your ads will be held by the broadcaster for 3 months. After this time, you may need to resupply it, if there are new bookings for the same ad.

7. Broadcaster instructions

UK linear and BVOD destinations require ‘instructions’ (information that includes the date and time an ad should be shown and if it has been cleared). This is sent via CARIA.

For ROI the preferred method to communicate campaign instructions is also via CARIA, although you can send communications to RTE & VMS directly.

8. Broadcaster lead times

Most broadcasters can accept ads two full working days in advance of the airdate, but there are exceptions:

  • Public holidays affect deadlines, so make sure you check with our team to find out the details 
  • Sky Adsmart needs 7 working days
  • BVOD ads need 5 working days 
  • Finecast must have 10 working days

9. Inclusive advertising

The UK is committed to accessible advertising. We recommend you subtitle your ad for the deaf and hard of hearing, and, where broadcasters support it, to include Audio Descriptions for the visually impaired. 

For more information on why you should make your advertising inclusive, please read this Guidance for Marketers from ISBA. You can arrange this with our team and our subtitling partner, Adtext.

10. Music 

If you use music in your ads, you will need information such as library track, performer, publisher, etc. in order to obtain clearance (see ‘Clearance’ above). It is essential to include music details on Irish rotation instructions.

Peach Plus: streamline delivery and clearance

All of the above services can also be managed by our Peach Plus team.

Peach Plus support agencies, advertisers across the globe to make sure ads are fully compliant and delivered to the correct destinations. With a wealth of knowledge, we are your go-to when it comes to getting ads to the right place, in the right time and right format. If you are interested, contact us

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By Chris Jones