A+V is now Peachy

On 2nd December A+V is fully becoming a part of Peach

18 November 2020

Since 2014, A+V and Peach have been working closely together. Now, on 2nd December A+V is fully becoming Peach.

We asked Henry Northcote from our Latin America team, and one of the original founders of A+V some questions:

Hi Henry, how are you?

Well, I’m very happy to be slowly returning back to a “new normal” after several months of lockdown here in Chile.  After a very tough Q2 and Q3 the advertising activity has finally started to show a positive uptrend in most Latin American markets. I foresee that we will close the year with a continuing growing trend that will tick over into 2021. 

From what I can see, the marketing community has accepted we can no longer just wait for Covid to disappear so have agreed to play under these new and interesting rules. If we want our businesses to thrive once the Covid fog has dispersed, that is really our only option. We are truly living in challenging and revolutionary times.

What will this change mean for your customers?

In some ways nothing will change for our customers and users, they can still expect the great service we have always provided and will continue to provide. On the other hand, however everything has changed! 

With A+V now becoming Peach, that means we will have access to a much greater pool of resources; from technology, an increased global network and more digital capabilities, now more than ever can we ensure your ad will be able to get to any screen, anywhere, anytime.

On the 2nd December what will actually change for A+V users?

Most importantly is that the A+V platform you use to deliver your ads will now be known as Peach LatAm, but otherwise it won’t be changing.

To log-in when you visit the amasv.com website you will instead see the Peach website. Click on Login then click on ‘Peach LatAm’. Your login details, library of ads and everything else — will be the same.

If anyone has any questions, please contact us.

What has got you excited about what Peach is up to?

Our vision is now the future. Our goal is to provide our customers the workflows and efficiencies we introduced to linear TV to the world of digital advertising as well.  It’s weird to think that getting an ad to a digital destination is such a manual and painful process. It eats into people’s time and energy where their focus could be somewhere a lot more productive and cost effective. Just think of all that time people could save and be at the beach instead! 

Our commitment to automate this process will be a valuable contribution to the entire supply chain - I can’t wait to get started. 

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