AI: Creative Companion not Competition

Peach VP of Product Tej Rekhi on how we must embrace AI as a creative game-changer

03 March 2023

The marketing industry will invest $20 billion into AI this year alone. This evolution of machine and deep learning is an exciting game-changer for advertising. Although it may be impossible to escape the insistent and repetitive scaremongering about how AI is coming for our jobs, that is not the case - it's just old-fashioned clickbait. In my opinion, the machine will compliment the human mind at applying findings and making creative solutions. So what do we know?


Making the most of Creative AI

In 2021, the average person encountered around 6,000 to 10,000 ads daily, sparking the age old question, how do we stand out?! This is where we can use our machine companion to help brands to cut through the noise and emotionally connect - using clever, fresh, AI-driven insights, enabling us to  embrace the technology and use it to our advantage. 

Take Lexus’ AI-generated ad from 2018 - according to Variety magazine, it was billed ‘as the advertising industry’s first commercial scripted by artificial intelligence’. 150 car ads were analysed using IBM’s Watson AI system to gather data on which moments connected most strongly with viewers over 15 years, creating a melodramatic emotive story that resonated with the audience. However, the “magic” of storytelling still had to come through from the human creative process and perspective. This example demonstrates how AI can lend us a helping hand in making sense of large amounts of data quickly and easily. 

It doesn’t need to be that complex to make a memorable ad utilising AI. Another excellent (and fun) example is Ryan Reynolds’ Mint Mobile advert. Here Ryan Reynolds capitalised on the launch of ChatGPT and got the tool to write him a script, which he then proceeded to read out word for word. It is a simple, no-fuss, one-minute advert showing the power of ChatGPT's language capabilities and innovative copywriting approach.

This example also proves that AI isn’t just limited to the big leagues; it is accessible to all. Advertisers don’t need to have the power of IBM’s Watson behind them, they just need to be willing to work alongside AI at whatever budget they can afford to. Creativity can and will flourish if you’re ready to fully embrace and align with AI.   


Lose doubt - adopt belief

So where do we begin when it comes to applying machine learning in the workplace? At the moment, the technology is still very nascent but evolving fast. While there are some excellent use cases for it such as coding, email copy and deep analysis, it will take time to adopt it fully into all work tasks.  

Get to know the machine and the best way it can be used. We have a fantastic opportunity to work and mould these technological advances to our favour; with everything riding a bike, driving a car, or making a good cup of coffee, everything takes practice, and once you know the fundamentals there’s no stopping you. So be brave, embrace, perfect, and work towards creating a streamlined ecosystem. Your AI companion may not join the team lunch, but they will bring you space and time to produce where you may have needed more in the past.

My advice is to focus on what you're interested in and learn what applies to you - don't look at it too broadly because it will be overwhelming. Like all new things, it’s an educational piece. Just as we went from radio to TV, to fearing social media to learning to utilise them to our advantage. I predict the same will happen in the AI space. Start with applications that can help you flourish, but just remember to give it time. If you have any concerns, ask Chat GPT.

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By Tej Rekhi