A guide to Peach for Adtoox users

What’s new and what’s different for Adtoox users in Peach

14 March 2022

New beginnings can be daunting, so to make your transition easier James Clark, our VP of Customer Success shows you what’s different between the systems, plus all the sweet features you now have at your disposal.


Launched in 2019, the Peach platform is built on decades of experience. It is designed for convergent video: linear, BVoD, digital and more. Since last year we have been working to make a first class experience for Adtoox users.

Some of the highlights in the video cover:

  • Differences in how Peach handles different country ID systems
  • Support for BVoD, digital and social
  • Support for radio ads
  • Uploading of files through the browser
  • Support for multilingual ads
  • Support of global campaigns
  • Integrations with the wider ad ecosystem, including Frame.io, YouTube, Innovid, Sizmek Ad Suite and more
  • Coming soon: New and improved interface for tracking files through the system — designed for people handling large campaigns and accounts
  • Coming soon: Ability to forward upload request emails to other or new users
  • And much more to come…

If you find yourself in need of help, you still have access to the same amazing Adtoox customer success team, now part of Peach. To get in contact with them please email support.nordics@peach.me where we can ensure your questions are answered quickly. Alternatively, use the chat feature in the Peach platform to talk to us directly.

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By James Clark