Diversity, equity & inclusion

Our social responsibility

At Peach, creating a positive atmosphere for our diverse workforce, reducing our impact on the environment and evaluating our social and ethical governance are integral to the way we work as a company.

DE&I goals

By 2027, we want to achieve at least 40% representation of women in management, up from 32% in 2023, while also including representation from the gender non-conforming and non-binary communities.

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Inclusive processes

We ensure all employees globally complete our 'Code of Conduct' compliance programmes. What's more, we educate our people managers to reduce bias in candidate assessments and performance evaluations.

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Ethical commitments

We maintain a strong commitment to our Code of Ethics, Modern Slavery policies and Cyber Security to ensure responsible practices at every level of our organisation.

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Mental health

We acknowledge that everyone faces moments when their mental health requires support. Breaking the stigma surrounding mental health in our workplace is a priority for us. We actively promote proactive mental health support through our Employee Assistance Programmes, internal workshops and dedicated Mental Health First Aiders. Our wellbeing policies underscore our commitment to maintaining a safe, positive and healthy workplace.

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Working with Cancer Pledge

We're proud to announce that Peach has signed up to the Publicis Working with Cancer Pledge. This initiative reflects our dedication to providing a supportive and inclusive environment for employees facing cancer challenges, or caring for loved ones with cancer. As part of this pledge, we're committed to offering flexibility, empathy and resources to those who need it most. Read more…

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Learning opportunities

We provide regular knowledge-sharing sessions through our ‘Reach with Peach’ Training Programmes, and all employees have access to our Peach Learning Academy from day 1!

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Volunteering opportunities

We actively support and encourage our employees to engage in meaningful volunteer activities of their choice, fostering a culture of social responsibility and positive impact beyond the workplace.

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Our environmental commitment

We are firmly committed to achieving net-zero emissions in our business and across our value chain by 2035, with the possibility of exceeding this target if feasible. We conduct annual carbon footprint assessments to measure our progress. 

Our Carbon Intensity per employee is 15.89 tCO2e, based upon 240 employees during 2021 (using market-based emissions).

Our governance structure includes regular Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting to both our Executive Team and Board, each of which is dedicated to overseeing our environmental initiatives. This underscores our commitment to sustainability at the highest organisational levels.


In May 2023, we successfully completed our first Ecovadis assessment. This evaluated our environmental, social and ethical performance, enabling us to gauge our sustainability efforts against global standards and benchmarks. It serves as a valuable tool for identifying areas of improvement and showcasing our dedication to responsible business practices.

From this assessment, we've gained key insights that will inform our ESG strategy moving forward. We’re developing an action plan to address identified areas for improvement, initially focusing on enhancing our environmental and sustainable procurement practices. By prioritising these aspects, we aim to improve our sustainability performance, achieve an Ecovadis rating in 2024 and to continue making a positive impact in our communities.

Our ‘Green Team’

We've established a Peach Global Green Team to champion environmentally friendly initiatives throughout our organisation. This team's primary objective is to raise awareness about environmental issues, encourage sustainable behaviours, and drive positive change across the organisation and in the broader community.

Sustainable travel

As a global organisation, we’re committed to promoting sustainable practices across all facets of our operations, including travel. Our Sustainable Travel Policies outline our dedication to reducing the environmental impact of business travel while fostering responsible travel behaviour among our employees.