New! Preview HTML5 ads in Peach Go

Make sure your ads are getting the right kind of attention

30 April 2024

Zipped HTML5 ads, often with interactive elements like animation and links, are painful to preview in most file transfer tools.

Now, you can now preview zipped HTML5 ads with ease in Peach Go. Review and check the format letting you spot any issues before sending them on to be uploaded to DSPs and ad servers. 

You can also…

  1. Test interactive elements: Verify click tags work, directly in the preview, ensuring that interactive elements like buttons and links function as intended
  2. Ensure compliance: By testing click tags, you can check against industry standards and regulations for ad-serving and click-tracking, reducing the risk of non-compliance issues
  3. Save time: Previewing HTML5 files directly within Peach Go means you no longer need to open them in a separate browser or tool
  4. Share easily: Send links to HTML5 ad previews to colleagues or clients for feedback, improving real-time collaboration and iteration 

Check out just how easy it is to preview HTML5 ads in Peach Go now… 

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