The TEAM Companies Form Strategic Alliance with Peach

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06 October 2021

LONDON, Oct. 6, 2021 - Peach, a market leader in video advertising workflow and delivery, has today announced a formal alliance with The TEAM Companies (TTC), the foremost experts in global Talent & Rights management. By joining up distribution and talent & licensed element management, they create a streamlined workflow to help global Advertisers reduce exposure to usage rights violations while saving time and money.

Screenshot showing The TEAM Companies inetgration into Peach

Peach delivers video advertising in over 140 countries worldwide, including the United States, through their long-standing partnership with Comcast Technology Solutions (CTS). The alliance with TTC, who are also aligned with CTS, will further enhance Peach's ability to provide a full service offering, especially for global brands who need to activate a wide variety of content across multiple channels at a moment's notice.

The powerful combination of Peach, TTC and CTS will also be hugely beneficial to the ecosystem surrounding enterprise clients, simplifying processes for creative agencies and production companies while providing reliable transparency and enriched data back to brand teams.

Brands and their agencies can now easily utilise the synergies between ad delivery, storage and rights management. This fits Peach and TTC's wider ambitions of making life easier for brands and agencies by centralizing talent, rights and delivery. Brands and their creative partners reduce risk and gain back time and resources to focus on creating impactful advertising that moves hearts, minds and bottom lines.

What does this mean for advertisers and agencies?

  • Simple transparency: usage rights data collected in one place and integrated into the content distribution workflow
  • Increased control: with a trusted eye on all talent and licensed element data, brands can ensure that misused content and their resulting penalties are a thing of the past
  • Faster speed to market: Streamlined services mean advertisers can do what they do best, on time, all the time
  • Omnichannel expertise: Send out the right content at the right time, with all rights data verified by TTC for any channel, duration or territory

Ross Priestley, VP Global Growth, Advertisers & Brands, said:
“We are really excited about this collaboration with The TEAM Companies. We currently help major brands deliver their advertising in over 140 countries worldwide, so this new alliance enables us to provide a full service offering for new and existing global brands and ensures more transparency over rights management and the streamlining of content activations across multiple channels, at a moment's notice.

This integration is going to save advertisers and their agencies a lot of time and effort by simply highlighting rights issues before campaign activations. Our connected ecosystem connects the best in class ADtech companies and suppliers, generating further synergies and benefits for brands not only by speeding up workflow but more importantly by reducing risk of expensive and embarrassing rights violations.”

Greg Smith, Chief Operating Officer at The TEAM Companies, said:
“The elephant in the room for many global marketers is their struggle with usage rights violations. It is crucial for them to have a comprehensive view of the hundreds, and often thousands, of their assets and the ability to track the rights to the multiple talent and licensed elements in each one. Marketers and their creative partners around the world are using our platform as their central point of truth for talent and licensed element rights details. Integrating with Peach provides an added layer of defense against rights violations while interfacing with the client's DAM platform brings much needed efficiencies to their asset management process.”

For more information about this alliance, please contact Rosanna Head at or Mark Egmon at

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