The new name for Peach People. We are expert business affairs, production support and consultancy for agencies, production companies and advertisers.

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Problem solvers. Over achievers. Persistent people pleasers.
All round great people. 

With over four decades of solving problems in the world of advertising, they’re fearless in the face of challenge. From clearance to contracts, briefing to broadcast, Peach Plus make it a breeze.

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We love a challenge. Get in touch to discuss your project needs. Our services include (but aren’t limited to):

Pre production

  • Pre-production clearance from concept to script, right through to final (available globally as needed). This includes mandatory global clearance bodies (including Clearcast, ARPP, ClearAds, AutoControl, ThinkTV and CAB)
  • Product clearance - buildings, skylines, artwork
  • Talent management including; casting briefs for producers, cost estimates for artists, artist negotiations and contracts. Specialist knowledge of SAG
  • Child licences/Guardianship 
  • Music searches and licence coordination.
  • Transmission estimates
  • Generating version IDs (i.e. clock numbers and Suisas) and maintaining 'Clock Clocks.'
  • Rights management, including alerts

Post production

  • Final clearance for mandatory markets
  • Managing distribution orders  
  • Generating and issuing copy rotation instructions where required
  • Assisting with reconciliations
  • Access services in applicable markets
  • Closed captions and subtitles for those who are deaf/hard of hearing
  • Audio Description for those who are visually impaired

Plus-sized benefits

Knowledge +

With 80+ years of collective experience supporting ad clearance and production, you can count on our experience.

Speed +

Well connected in the industry, the team helps push through compliance and avoid delays in getting ads aired.

Flexibility +

Supporting you with your needs, the team helps you with the areas you need and not in the ones you don’t.

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We’re flexible — we’ll work on a job-by-job basis, offer holiday or sick cover, or even work on a monthly retainer. 

However, whenever, whatever: we’ll get your ads from A to B.