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Peach for publishers & broadcasters

Ensuring on-time launches for broadcasters and video platforms

If you’re a broadcaster, you’ll already know Peach for our 25 years of setting the standard for video asset quality control and distribution. 

Now our expertise has expanded into digital. Our focus has always been keeping things simple so campaigns launch on time and media owners maintain their expected yield. So as digital’s variety and sprawl was making processes complex and errors unavoidable, we built a streamlined solution: Peach.

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Peach and the ad ecosystem

The gold standard in campaign management

16,000 media owners around the world rely on Peach every day

Receive advertising content

With Peach, broadcasters and publishers receive the right content, in the right spec at the right time — saving 1000s of hours.

  • Simplifying ad management: view, approve and rename files without leaving the platform
  • Visibility and control: track file status, with guaranteed delivery times
  • Peach perfect, every time: ads arrive ready to play: quality checked, in the correct formats with the correct tags and metadata
  • Enabling tracking and reporting: Peach manages the creation of unique ad codes throughout the industry helping to connect buy and sell-side.

Powerful campaign management

CARIA has been adopted by the UK and Irish advertising industries. It connects the entire advertising ecosystem on the buy and sell-side, from media agencies to broadcasters, ad agencies to advertisers.

  • Booking: enables the buy-side to make linear, BVoD and addressable TV bookings in a single platform
  • Return path campaign data: enables media owners to send airtime activity back to buy-side management and reporting systems
  • Copy instructions: enables ad agencies to access media plans and allows agencies to confirm with media owners which ads are running in campaigns
  • Enabling integrations: automates workflows that save time and reduces errors

Facilitating advertising effectiveness

In the UK we develop and manage Clearcast’s Attribution — helping the advertising industry analyse campaign effectiveness. We receive, standardise and validate data from the world’s broadcasters and media owners and supply to organisations such as MediaOcean, TechEdge, Nielsen and more.

Broadcaster workflow solutions

We help broadcasters and media owners optimise and fulfil their linear and digital inventory, building agile enterprise-level workflow solutions. We connect media schedules to creative material, transcode formats and integrate with services such as Amazon Advertising, Landmark, Level3, Freewheel, AWS Cloudfront, Yospace & more.

Powering clearance — both sides of the tunnel

Peach partners with the ARPP in France and Clearcast in the UK to make the clearance of TV advertising fast and efficient, helping to ensure the brand safety for advertisers on TV and BVoD channels.

Trusted for over 25 years

(Who else can say that in this business?)

  • ITV
  • Dentsu
  • Sky
  • Channel 4


We say that the typical uptime for Peach is 99.98% (because that’s more believable than the truth — it’s actually closer to 100%).


Deep security trusted by advertisers and media owners globally to handle mission-critical data.


We are not owned by an agency, media owner or broadcaster so are completely independent.


We work with our clients to build tools they really need (and love).

Our sell-side tools

Simplifying campaign administration across the industry

Deliver linear TV ads to broadcasters around the world

Standardising and validating the UK’s commercial data

Powering clearance in the UK

Streamlining media administration for video advertising in France