About Peach

Solving asset management since 1996

The line between broadcast advertising and digital advertising is blurring as video becomes the dominant form of effective brand advertising across all media it is consumed on. Digital channels, from CTV/VOD services like Roku and Hulu, to OTT web and mobile services like YouTube and Facebook are changing the way we deliver — and consume — ads. 

At Peach, we believe digital video ads should be held to the same high quality standards as broadcast. As spend moves steadily to digital channels, expectations of digital ads must rise (and error rates fall). Peach is here to both raise those expectations and fulfil them.

Peach has been setting the standard for 25 years. We’ve expanded our platform to make digital video advertising work just as well as broadcast does. We are a global company serving over 100 countries, but we work locally — with our team working  in over 36 of them. 

Peach is already a critical part of the toolkit of every production organisation that makes ads for broadcast. We are the recognised leader in distribution of video ads in linear. Now we’re making our trademark elegant solution work for all types of video advertising — creating a truly convergent solution.

We are not willing to accept the status quo any more. We hope you aren’t either. And we are here to help move the industry forward.

Ben Regensburger, CEO

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Our history

When we were founded, ads were delivered by moped. Now we’re building solutions for a digital future. It’s been a fascinating journey. Here some of the highlights: