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For media owners & broadcasters

Peach makes it easy to receive and manage video ads.

For those on the broadcast and publishing side, Peach radically simplifies workflows. You know where to find the right content. It’s quality checked, in the right formats, with metadata and tags. And because you have full visibility over the ad’s progress, you know exactly when it will arrive.

Every file arrives on time, on spec, and ready to play.

Peach optimises workflows for media owners and broadcasters. Our technology streamlines processes, reduces overheads and generally makes things sweeter.

  • Simpler ad management: view, approve and rename files without leaving the platform
  • Compliance integration: Clearcast & ARPP are Peach partners, so every ad Peach delivers can be easily approved
  • Visibility and control: file status can be tracked, with guaranteed delivery times
  • Chase up ads automatically: match media schedules to creative material, and chase up anything that’s missing
  • Multiple file deliveries: quickly transcode master files into all the formats you’ll ever need – and get them to the right place
  • CDN & ad server integrations: Level3, Freewheel, AWS Cloudfront, Yospace & more
  • Approvals: with Peach you can review, manage and approve ads
  • Available everywhere: all ads arrive via our simple web-based interface (no software to install)
  • Security guaranteed: Peach handles all hosting and backups, and our entire process is securely managed
  • Independent: Peach is an independent private company not affiliated with any production company, agency, broadcaster or media owner
  • Peach perfect, every time: ads arrive ready to play: quality checked, in the correct formats with tags and metadata

Peach plays nicely with others

Seamless integration with your existing tools. If there’s a system you need to work with, get in touch.

Holding the ad ecosystem together

Peach Media (formerly Optimad) are the experts powering the administration of media campaigns in the UK, Ireland and France. The Peach Media suite of services includes…

Simplifying campaign administration across the industry

Powering clearance in the UK

Streamlining media administration for video advertising in France

Standardising and validating the UK’s commercial data

Ready to find out more? Let’s talk.