Deliver, source, collaborate and format ads for Converged TV

The new name for the Peach product, Peach Connect helps you get control of your ad delivery for Converged TV across linear TV, CTV and digital.

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Distribute ads

Right files. Right format. Right where you need them.

Peach Connect gets video and display ads where they need to be in the best possible quality — with less faff than ever.

Destination everywhere

The Sky isn't the limit. Get content to media agencies, broadcasters, social, BVoD and online securely around the world, through one platform. Read more…

Ad platform automatic upload

Just authorise and push your assets directly to a library or account on YouTube, Amazon Advertising and Google Campaign Manager. Many more integrations to follow. Read more…

Live status of assets

View the status of your files as they go through uploading, QCing, being sent to destinations and more.

We manage the specs so you don’t have to

No more hunt the specs. We maintain a database of media owner and platform video file specs for you — so say goodbye to content rejections.

Audit trail

Don’t just hope your assets land safely — make sure you know exactly where they are. Peach Connect keeps track of which broadcasters, publishers and media owners have your ads.

Prioritise immediate delivery

In a rush? Get your assets distributed immediately to broadcasters, platforms and publishers around the world.

Supports every aspect ratio and screen

From TV to DOOH, Twitter to Google Campaign Manager in any aspect ratio including 1:1, 2:3, 16:9, 9:16 and 4:5

Update and re-use assets

Last minute campaign changes? Need to play out an ad used last year? Peach Connect makes it easy.

Screenshot: Campaign file view, showing returned URL

Source & activate

Take control of your ad workflow

Peach Connect makes it easy: request, source and activate ads.

Get the ads you need

Request the video assets needed by name, duration, aspect ratio and platform to ensure that what is uploaded is exactly what you need.

Source & download

Download video assets, all named and organised by platform — ready to activate on ad platforms and publishers.

Automatically push files to ad platforms

Just authorise and push your assets directly to a library or account on YouTube, Google Campaign Manager or others to follow. Read more…

Direct to media owners and more

Make ads directly available to agencies, media owners, publishers and broadcasters.

Screenshot: Manage supporting assets and metadata


No more communication chaos

Get everyone in creative, production and media on the same page.

Collaborate with individuals and  teams

Need to work with creative teams, production, planners or ad ops? Save everyone’s time and cut the confusion — manage it all from Peach Connect.

Designed & built for security

Make sure only the right people and teams have access to the data and assets they need.

Easily add new collaborators

Add people just with their email address into Peach Connect, whether they are new Peach Connect users, or already already in the address book.

Flexible roles

Invite the right people to do the right job: create campaigns, request assets, download and activate, view, approve or upload.

Quality checking process

Quality checking

No more formatting errors. Peach Connect makes sure everything is right for where it needs to go by checking aspect ratio, resolution, duration, regional legal rules and more.

Insights & reporting

Be sure that what you're creating is used. Get transparency of your supply chain, valuable insights and data.

24/7 support

We might rely on automation to get your ad from A to B but when it comes to support we’re 100% human. Always here to help, with global 24/7 expert chat, email, phone support, plus help pages with videos and tech specs.


Connect it all up with Peach. Integrated with your creative workflow and 18,000+ broadcasters, ad servers, social and more — we make the ad industry faster and more efficient than ever before. Find out more…

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