Our Growing Pains report is out

You’re not the only one who is struggling with digital’s workflow meltdowns and temper tantrums.

22 August 2022

Digital video ad spend is rapidly increasing, but behind the scenes, the industry still relies heavily on inefficient technologies and workflows from years ago. Digital may be the golden child in reaching consumers but the process of getting your ad to those screens is overly complex, meaning marketing campaigns often get delayed and agencies are usually the ones to take the fall for it. 

Our newest report “Growing Pains” highlights the specific pain points agencies are having to encounter daily that are preventing them distributing ads successfully. We discovered that many of these agencies have come up with temporary solutions that skirt around the root cause. 

In this report we uncover:

  • Adland has come up with temporary solutions that skirt around the root cause of poor ad workflow management.
  • Many agencies are unaware that their problems are solvable and that their “good enough” patches can be improved, with significant gains in efficiency. 

duct taping wall=

Duct tape can sadly only take you so far.  

Like all difficult teenagers, the ad industry is hoping digital's current nature is just a phrase - and there is hope! 

One stand out improvement had 94% of respondents agree that if they could implement it, this solution would help enable collaboration and reduce the complexity of asset delivery significantly. Can you guess what that improvement is? 

Download our “Growing Pains” report to find out if you guessed correctly.  

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