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Our latest report ‘Get Control of Your Video Asset Workflow’ is now available

29 June 2020

Digital video ad spend is growing but behind the scenes, the industry still relies heavily on inefficient technologies and workflows from years ago. Yep, it’s like 1995 out there. But whilst we’ve said ‘goodbye’ to VHS, dial-up modems and Tickle Me Elmo*, media agencies are still sending emails back and forth and manually checking video assets, just to activate digital advertising. What’s the deal? And more importantly, what can be done to fix it?

We answer these questions and more in our new report ‘Get Control of Your Video Asset Workflow’ which is now available. The report identifies where the main problems lie in the ecosystem and presents solutions to futureproof effective ad deliveries.

Using bespoke survey data and interviews from leading global media agencies, we get under the media agency hood to uncover the pain points that are causing campaign delays, quality issues, security risks and whole lotta frustration and money. For instance, did you know that:

  • 70% of media agencies have problems sourcing assets
  • 78% are still using email to receive video assets
  • 85% still manually check video assets! 

Sound familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Be ahead of the game: Fill in the form to download ‘Get Control of Your Video Asset Workflow’ now.

*Okay, there’s still a place for Tickle Me Elmo in 2020

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By Jason Trout